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Centreshift 3-speedCENTRESHIFT 3-SPEED
Speco Centreshifts are designed to replace factory 3-speed column shifts and 4-speed shifts, including factory and other brands of aftermarket floor shift conversions.

The narrow throw shift mechanism is mounted directly to the top of the gear box, which allows the lever to be positioned in the centre of the transmission tunnel.

The chrome-plated gear lever is custom bent to clear dashboards and most seats. Pre-check gear lever position prior to fitting where a bench seat is used in its most forward adjustable position. All Speco Centreshifts are complete with shift rods, selector plates and rubber boot kit (where applicable) and all hardware needed for simple installation.

Each Speco 3-speed Centreshift is designed to fit a specific model and the 4-speed is designed to fit the gear box, not the vehicle.

CarPart No.FitmentComments
Chrysler60 1478Valiant AP5-CM 
Ford60 1480Falcon XR–XY 
 60 1481Falcon XA–XFSuits cable or electronic speedometer
 60 1460Cortina TC–TF 
GMH60 1461Holden EHAll synchro gear box
 60 1474Holden HK–HZAll synchro gear box
 60 1474RHolden HQ–HZSpecial race car model
 60 1487Holden 1 Ton & WB Ute 
 60 1476Torana LC-UC 

Centreshift 4-speed Falcon XA replacementCENTRESHIFT 4-SPEED
Falcon XA–XF (Replacement)

A custom-designed direct replacement, this centre tunnel mount shift eliminates many of the problems associated with the original gear shift fitted to the XA model Falcon.

It comes complete with all hardware and comprehensive instructions. A boot kit is not supplied.
 Part No.604350

Centreshift 4-speed Saginaw gear boxCENTRESHIFT 4-SPEED
Saginaw Gear Box

Designed to fit the ever-popular Saginaw gear box, this centre mount gear shift has all the special features associated with other Speco 4-speed shifters.

Easily installed, it comes complete with the necessary hardware. A boot kit is not supplied.
 Part No.604100

Centre Tunnel Mount ShifterAUSSIE 4-SPEED, TOPLOADER, MUNCIE, GM -T10/SUPER T10
With the enthusiast in mind, these Centre Tunnel Mount Shifters are manufactured with the same quality that has been built into every shifter produced over the last thirty years.

With the popularity of engine and gear box swaps ever increasing, these shifters are made to fit a specific gear box, thus allowing for a multitude of applications.

All part numbers come complete with all hardware, custom gear knob. A gear boot is not included.

CarPart No.Fitment
GM604200Muncie, GM -T10 and Super T10 — 5 bolt ext housing
Ford604300Toploader Gear Box
 604325Toploader Gear Box — Cobra Replica
GMH604500Aussie 4-speed Gear Box (M20 and M21) — single lever
 604600Aussie 4-speed Gear Box (M20) — Holden One Tonner

Centreshift 4-speed Aussie Twin LeverCENTRESHIFT 4-SPEED
Aussie 4-Speed Twin Lever

This twin lever shift is designed to fit the Aussie 4-speed gear box. It is another alternative for this popular gear box adaption (M20–M21).

Featuring a separate reverse lever, this conversion comes complete with all hardware, special boot kit, and full instructions for easy installation.

 Part No.601483


Kit contains mounting bracket and switch only (assembled).

 6205003-speed centreshift
 6206004-speed centreshift
Suits 604500 only

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