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Speco products are exclusively available through a national network of retailers and distributors.

Speco logo
  • Dress-up Accessories
  • Chrome Accessories
  • Air Cleaners, Valve Covers
  • Carburettor Adaptors and Linkages
  • Wheel Nuts
  • Codan Automotive Hose

VHT Logo       High Performance Coatings
  • Engine Enamels
  • Quick Coat Enamels
  • Caliper and Brake Drum Paints
  • Sandable Primers
  • Vinyl and Carpet Dyes
  • Flameproof Coatings
    up to 1100°
  • Engine Metallics
  • Anodised Colour Coats

Silver Seal logo       The Number One Radiator Stop Leak
      —since 1928
  • 3-Way Protection

  • Stop Leaks
  • Inhibits Rusts
  • Lubricates

Derale logo
  • Transmission Oil Coolers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Oil Filter Relocation Kits
  • Spin-On Adaptors
  • Engine Sandwich Adaptors
  • Belt-driven Fans

Speco Meter logo       A Huge Range of Gauges
  • Tachos
  • Boost
  • Speedos
  • Fuel Level
  • Water Temp
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temp
  • Adaptors and Accessories
X-treme Tape logo       Silicon X-Treme Tape
  • The essential protective and
    repair wrap
  • Self-fusing, good from -60º to +500ºF
  • Permanent air and water tight seal
  • Insulates to 8000 volts
Bungee logo       Bungees moulded from polyurethane
  • Made in the USA
  • Won’t snap, crack or become brittle
  • Safe stretch up to twice its original length

  • Available in lengths of 30/46/61/91 cms
  • colours: blue black, orange, yellow, green and red

Surf City Garage logo       Enthusiast Grade Detailing Products
  • Made in the USA
  • Black Edge — for dark cars
  • Detailing Sprays
  • Tyre and Wheel Protection

  • Interior Cleaners
  • Exterior Cleaners and Protectants
  • Metal Polishes
  • Paint Polish and Scratch Remover
  • Detailing Tools and Dusters

PJ1 logo       Performance Products for
  • Made in the USA
  • Lubrication
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Air filtration
  • Fuel systems
  • Cleaners and protectants
  • “Track Bite” traction compound

Speco Thomas Pty Ltd
1b Levanswell Road, Moorabbin Vic 3189
Tel (03) 9555 7244 ● Fax (03) 9553 2841 ● info@speco.com.au

Speco does not sell direct to end users, but through an extensive national chain of distributors and retailers.
Please contact us for product or dealer information.