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Paints, ceramic coatings, dyes and chemical products for automotive, hardware and household applications. These products set the standard for durability, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance.

Material Safety Data Sheets
for VHT Spray Paints

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the Speco Part No. (SPxxx) to the MSDS sheet number.
Part No.Description
SP21AVHT Coppercoat Gasket Cement
SP27VHT Black Hood and Bumper Paint
SP101VHT Flame Proof White
SP102VHT Flame Proof Black
SP104VHT Flame Proof Gray
SP106VHT Flame Proof Silver
SP108VHT Flame Proof Yellow
SP109VHT Flame Proof Red
SP110VHT Flame Proof Blue
SP115VHT Flame Proof Clear
SP117VHT Flame Proof Aluminium
SP118VHT Flame Proof Primer
SP119VHT Engine Enamel Holden Orange
SP120VHT Engine Enamel Hemi Orange
SP1202VHT Engine Enamel Holden Blue
SP121VHT Engine Enamel Bright Red
SP122VHT Engine Enamel Pontiac Blue
SP123VHT Engine Enamel Chevy Orange
SP124VHT Engine Enamel Gloss Black
SP125VHT Engine Enamel Ford Dark Blue
SP126VHT Engine Enamel Chrysler Blue
SP127VHT Engine Enamel Aluminium
SP128VHT Engine Enamel Yellow
SP129VHT Engine Enamel White
SP130VHT Engine Enamel Flat Black
SP131VHT Engine Enamel Ford Green
SP132VHT Engine Enamel Gold
SP134VHT Engine Enamel Ford Light Blue
SP135VHT Engine Enamel GM Blue
SP137VHT Engine Enamel Ford Grey
SP138VHT Engine Enamel New Ford Blue USA
SP139VHT Engine Enamel GM Satin Black
SP145VHT Engine Enamel Clear Gloss
SP148VHT Engine Enamel Primer Light Gray
SP149VHT Engine Enamel Primer Plum Purple
SP150VHT Engine Enamel Primer Torque N’ Teal
SP151VHT Engine Enamel Primer Racing Green
SP152VHT Engine Enamel Primer Ford Red
SP153VHT Engine Paint Aerosol Old Ford Blue
SP154VHT Engine Paint Aerosol Grabber Green
SP155VHT Engine Paint Aerosol Chrysler Red
SP181VHT Wheel Paint Aluminium
SP183VHT Wheel Paint Satin Black
SP184VHT Wheel Paint Clear Coat
SP186VHT Wheel Paint Rally Silver
SP187VHT Wheel Paint Gloss Black
SP188VHT Wheel Paint Argent Silver
SP189VHT 250ºF 121°C Wheel Paint, Graphite
SP201VHT Wrinkle Finish Black
SP204VHT Wrinkle Finish Red
SP205VHT Wrinkle Finish Grey
SP206VHT Wrinkle Finish Blue
SP229VHT Rust Converter
SP301VHT Primer White
SP302VHT Primer Dark Gray
SP303VHT Primer Red Oxide
SP304VHT Primer Light Gray
SP305VHT Primer Black
SP306VHT Primer Zinc Chromate
SP307VHT Self-Etching Primer
SP401VHT Metallic Engine Enamel Fire Red
SP402VHT Metallic Engine Enamel Burnt Copper
SP403VHT Metallic Engine Enamel Titanium Silver
SP404VHT Metallic Engine Enamel Gold Flake
SP405VHT Metallic Engine Enamel Black Pearl
SP440VHT Adhesion Promoter
SP445VHT Prep Spray
SP450VHT Anodised Colour Coat Red
SP451VHT Anodised Colour Coat Blue
SP452VHT Anodised Colour Coat Purple
SP453VHT Anodised Colour Coat Silver
SP501VHT Enamel Fire Red
SP503VHT Enamel Bright Orange
SP504VHT Enamel Gloss Black
SP505VHT Enamel Ocean Blue
SP507VHT Enamel Aluminium
SP508VHT Enamel Yellow
SP509VHT Enamel Gloss White
SP510VHT Enamel Flat Black
SP511VHT Enamel Flat White
SP512VHT Enamel Forest Green
SP513VHT Enamel Machine Grey
SP515VHT Enamel Clear
SP525VHT Enamel Silver Chrome
SP5251VHT Chrome Epoxy Spray
SP551VHT Enamel Dark Metalic Gray
SP575VHT Strip Fast Paint Remover
SP609VHT Spray Lacquer Gloss White
SP650VHT Epoxy Gloss Black
SP651VHT Epoxy Gloss White
SP652VHT Epoxy Satin Black
SP670VHT Roll Bar Paint Gloss Black
SP671VHT Roll Bar Paint Satin Black
SP700VHT Caliper Cleaner
SP730VHT Caliper Paint Clear Gloss
SP731VHT Caliper Paint Racing Red
SP732VHT Caliper Paint Bright Blue
SP733VHT Caliper Paint Real Orange
SP734VHT Caliper Paint Gloss Black
SP735VHT Caliper Paint Cast Aluminium
SP736VHT Caliper Paint Gold
SP738VHT Caliper Paint Bright Yellow
SP739VHT Caliper Paint Satin Black
SP754VHT Engine Enamel Magenta
SP755VHT Engine Enamel Ford Comp Blue
SP756VHT Engine Enamel Hot Pink
SP758VHT Engine Enamel Lavender
SP760VHT Engine Enamel Kermit Green
SP761VHT Ford Concourse Blue — Special Ord
SP880VHT Rust Treatment 500 ml
SP880.5VHT Rust Treatment 5 ltr
SP888VHT Night Shades Lens Tint Red
SP903VHT Black Oxide Case Paint
SP905VHT MotorCycle Barrel Gloss Black
SP906VHT MotorCycle Barrel Satin Black
SP9100VHT Premium Enamel—Rust Protector Clear Gloss
SP9200VHT Premium Enamel—Rust Protector Gloss Black
SP9202VHT Premium Enamel—Rust Protector Gloss White
SP9300VHT Premium Enamel—Rust Protector Grey Primer
SP932VHT Gauze Air Filter Oil
SP941VHT Vinyl Spray Gloss Jet Black
SP942VHT Vinyl Spray Satin Black
SP943VHT Vinyl Spray Satin White
SP944VHT Vinyl Spray Buckskin Tan
SP946VHT Vinyl Spray Silver Satin
SP950VHT Vinyl Spray Dark Blue
SP953VHT Vinyl Spray Light Gray
SP954VHT Vinyl Spray Charcoal Gray
SP960VHT Vinyle Dye Burgundy
SP963VHT Vinyle Dye Blue
SP964VHT Vinyle Dye Yellow
SP995VHT Engine Enamel “Nu-Cast” Alloy
SP997VHT Engine Enamel “Nu-Cast” Grey
SP998VHT Flame Proof “Nu-Cast” Grey
SP999VHT “Night Shades” Lens Tint Black

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