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The Ultimate in High Temp Performance Coatings

Paints, ceramic coatings, dyes and chemical products for automotive, hardware and household applications. These products set the standard for durability, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance.

VHT Black Oxide Case Paint (SP903) VHT Black Oxide Case Paint (SP903) is a satin finish high temperature coating developed specifically for a 2 and 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It is petrol and solvent resistant, and virtually stops rust and corrosion even in severe weather conditions. VHT Barrel Spray Paint—Gloss Black (SP905) VHT Barrel Spray Paint Gloss Black (SP905) and Satin Black (SP906) is custom formulated to restore motorcycle engines to their original factory appearance. It is extremely resistant to oil, petrol and solvents, and is heat resistant to 550ºF (287ºC). It virtually stops rust and corrosion while resisting chipping, cracking and fading.
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