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Speco Thomas supplies a wide range of accessories in the following categories.
A complete catalogue of all the auto accessories is available in printed form or by download, including part numbers and photos.

Air cleaners and fittings Air Cleaners and Fittings
including the Speco brand of 6 3/8", 9" and 14" air cleaners, as well as velocity stacks, filters, smog fittings and wing nuts
Anodised Hose Ends Anodised Hose Ends
and cushioned tubing clamps
Bonnet accessories Bonnet Accessories
Bonnet hooks, hood pin kits, hood locks, and replacement clips
Braided Hose Braided Hose
Types: stainless steel, Teflon lined, stainless steel radiator over braid
Carburettor adaptors Carburettor Adaptors
Including: Holley, Universal and other adaptors
Carburettor fittings Carburettor Fittings
Including: linkage kits, brackets, fuel blocks, ‘W’ clips, throttle springs, ball joint assemblies and rods, cable clamps and stops
Chrome accessories Chrome Accessories
Including: dip stick handles and kits, distributor clamps, covers for radiator caps, coils and oil pumps, timing tabs, brackets and more
Door lock knobs Door Lock Knobs
Knob types: black chrome, “Woody” chrome and walnut, chrome, headless, walnut, skull
Engine parts Engine Parts
Push rod guide plates and universal camshaft
degree wheel
Engine Fans Engine Fans
High performance flex fans and blades; lightweight fan
Fuel filters, lines and fittings Fuel Filters, Lines
and Fittings

Including: hose ends, ‘T’ pieces and fuel tails
Gaskets Gaskets
Carburettor base gaskets, rubber/steel valve cover gaskets, air cleaner gaskets and others
Gear shift boot Mega Gear Shift Boots
Boot types: Universal, Deluxe, Nissan, 4-Speed Twin Lever, Centreshift, Euro, Mega.
Gear shift knobs Gear Shift Knobs
Knob types: vinyl covered, G-Knob T-Shift, “Woody” style, “Euro” style, chrome skull, ball, chrome, piston
General accessories General Accessories
Including: cables, Can Gun, horns, Stop Leak, fuzzy dice, car covers, SOS emergency repair tape, Micro Tool Kit
Ignition lead holders Ignition Lead Holders
Including: wire separators, dividers and wire loom mount sets.
LED Lights LED Lights
— 8W 300 lumen
— 15W 410 lumen
both with dimmers
Header bolts Lowering kits
Also: header bolts
Oil caps and grommets Oil Caps & Grommets
Including: breather caps, push-in and twist-on styles, and valve cover grommets
Oil coolers and accessories Oil Coolers and Accessories
Including: cooler kits, remote oil adaptors, mounting kits and filter mounts
Rubber hoses and hose bends Rubber Hoses and
Hose Bends

Fuel, cooler, vaccum and washer, radiator, brake, car heater and power steering hoses, in many sizes. Also hose merchandisers and three types of hose bends
Industrial and auto rubber products Rubber, Industrial
and Auto

Including: various kinds of rubber mats, rubber blanking plugs, rubber bushes and O-Ring kits
Machined aluminium pulleys Machined Aluminium Pulleys
for small block Chevrolets.
Upper and lower pulleys, alternator pulleys and screws
Valve and timing covers Valve and
Timing Covers

For Holden, Ford, Chevrolet and Ford Windsor
Valve cover accessories Valve Cover Accessories
Including: hold down tabs, wing bolts, T-bar, wing bolts and hold downs
Water necks Water Necks
O-Ring style to suit
Holden 6 cylinder and V8,
S.B. Chev and Ford
Wheel nuts Wheel Nuts and Spacers
Steel, Mag, Cragar and OEM lug nuts, steel and Mag wheel locks, Mag nut washers and spacers

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