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Carburettor Adaptors

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Universal 4 barrel. Spreadbore/Squarebore and reverse. Not Thermaquad.

 Part No.201500

1 Inch Universal Hi-Rise Adaptor 1 INCH UNIVERSAL HI-RISE ADAPTOR
These aluminium spacers are designed to lift Holley quad carb up 1" to allow sufficient clearance for the Rio accelerator pump. It also eliminates linkage hang-ups. It comes complete with long studs.

 Part No.201957

2 Inch Universal Hi-Rise Adaptor 2 INCH UNIVERSAL HI-RISE ADAPTOR
This 2" Hi-Rise spacer is drilled to accept Holley and AFB type four barrel carburettors to same base manifolds. It comes complete with all studs, nuts and washers.

 Part No.201961

 Part No.Description
 201063350–500CFM Holley. To Falcon 250 Pre X/Flow.
 201064350–500CFM Holley. To Holden 179/186.
 201174Holley Squarebore 4BL. To Holley 2BL.

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