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Gear Shift Knobs

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Gear Knob G-Knob T-Shift Handle G-KNOB T-SHIFT HANDLE
With high lustre chrome on solid metal, this knob is made for comfortable grip and positive shifting. It is suitable for threaded floor shift levers, and includes a set screw fastener. 5/16" thread.

 Part No.111454

Woody Shift Knob “WOODY” SHIFT KNOB
With a beautiful natural grained finish, this knob reduces a hole from 1/2" to 3/8" and 5/16".

 Part No.111455

Euro Style Gear Knob “EURO” STYLE KNOB
5/16" thread.

 Part No.111486

Gear Knob 8-Ball “8” BALL GEAR KNOB
This knob comes complete with set screw and bushings to reduce a 1/2" hole to 3/8" and 5/16". 4cms (diam.)

 Part No.111464

With a brilliant chrome finish on solid metal, this knob provides dramatic accent for any interior.
5/16" thread.

 Part No.111465

Vinyl Colvered Shift Knob VINYL COVERED SHIFT KNOB
for floor of column shift. 5/16" thread. Provides sure comfortable grip.

 Part No.111445

Vinyl Colvered Shift Knob PISTON GEAR KNOB
5/16" thread.

 Part No.111466

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