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Lowering Blocks
and Header Bolts

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Lowering KitsLOWERING KITS, made up of —
2 x diecast lowering blocks with 4 x ‘U’ bolts 131550 (B), plus 8 washer faced crush nuts (C). All threads are 7/16"

 Part No.Description
 1315101 x ‘U’ bolt A, suits Ford 9" diff. 68mm inside width, 193mm length, plus 2 x nut C
 131530-44 x washer faced crush nut   C
 1315501 x ‘U’ bolt, 80 mm inside width, 240mm length   B
 1315512 x ‘U’ bolts plus 4 x washer faced crush nuts. 80 mm inside width   B and C
 131552HD–WB 1½"
 131553HD–WB 2"
 131554FX–EH Holden 1½"
 131555FX–EH Holden 2"
 131562XR–XF 6 cylinder 1½"
 131563XR–XF 6 cylinder 2½"
 131564XR–XF V8 1½"
 131565XR–XF V8 2"
 131569Falcon EA, EB, XG, XH ute, Van, Wagon — 1½"
 131570Falcon EA, EB, XG, XH ute, Van, Wagon — 2"
 131580Valiant 1½"
 131581Valiant 2"

Header bolts are designed for quick, easy installation of headers, and are heat treated for extra strength. The special washer faced, smaller than standard hex head is ideal for tight quarters.

 Part No.Description
 1015293/8" x 1" (12)
 101529-1003/8" x 1" (100)

Header Bolts Hex Head Type 2HEADER BOLTS, ALLEN HEAD

 Part No.Description
 1015265/16" x 1" (8)
 1015253/8" x 1" (12)

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