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VHT Wrinkle Plus, Epoxy and Special Paints
The Ultimate in High Temp Performance Coatings

Paints, ceramic coatings, dyes and chemical products for automotive, hardware and household applications. These products set the standard for durability, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance.

VHT Wrinkle Plus—Black (SP201) VHT Wrinkle Plus combines strong colours with a deep rich texture for a custom look. It is temperature resistant to 350ºF (176ºC) and is ideal for adding a touch of personal styling to almost any metal surface. VHT Wrinkle Plus resists colour fading, grease, degreasers and severe weather conditions. This tough durable finish is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping and cracking.

Colours available:
SP205Grey — NEW
SP206Blue — NEW
VHT Chrome Plus—Chrome (SP5251) VHT Chrome Plus is a unique quick drying formulation specifically created for application on metal, glass, wood or sealed plaster surfaces. This non-tarnishing epoxy finish has outstanding brilliance and corrosion resistance. VHT Chrome Plus is easy to use and dries in minutes. Excellent for touch-up, refinishing and decorative applications. Warning: Do not use any clear coat finish over these products. Non-trafficable. Cannot be polished.

Colours available:
VHT Nite Shades Red (SP888) VHT Nite Shades Red (SP888) is a translucent red lens coating that is designed to customise or restore vehicle lenses. It is ideal for tail lights or turn indicators. Recommended for off road use only. Warning: once applied to plastic lens, SP888 is not able to be satisfactorily removed. VHT Nite Shades (SP999) VHT Nite Shades (SP999) is a transparent black tail light lens coating for creating a custom European styling. When applied to tail lights, fog lights or turn indicators, VHT Nite Shades appears black until they are lit, then the natural red colour appears. Recommended for off road use. Warning: Once applied to plastic lens, SP999 is not able to be satisfactorily removed. Recommended for off-road use.
VHT Anodised Colour Coat—Red (SP450) VHT Anodised Colour Coat is formulated for high temperature and high performance applications ideal for an anodised colour effect over chrome and other shiny metal surfaces.

Colours available:
SP453Base Silver
VHT Hood and Bumper Paint (SP27) VHT Hood and Bumper Paint (SP27) accents the latest automotive styling and matches original factory equipment. This satin black urethane coating is extremely flexible, yet resists chipping and fading. The easy to use spray application creates a tough durable finish with excellent mark and scratch resistance.
VHT Roll Bar and Chassis Paint—Gloss Black (SP670) VHT Roll Bar and Chassis Paint is a one-step epoxy resin which does not require the use of a primer. It has been formulated to give the appearance and durability of a baked-on finish. It provides a porcelain-like finish that is chemical, corrosion, rust and salt resistant.

Colours available:
SP670Gloss Black
SP671Satin Black
VHT Epoxy Paint All Weather—Gloss Black (SP650) VHT Epoxy Paint — All Weather contains a one-step Epoxy Ester resin which dries in minutes to provide an exceptional rust and corrosion resistant finish. The rust inhibitors which are added to this already fortified resin produce a rust proof barrier when applied to new or properly prepared metal substrates. VHT Epoxy Paint — All Weather is tough enough for industrial use yet safe enough for children’s toys. It can be used interior or exterior. No primer is required.

Colours available:
SP650Gloss Black
SP651Gloss White
SP652Satin Black
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