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VHT Penetrating Colour Dye—Dark Blue Satin (SP950) VHT Penetrating Colour Dye for vinyl and carpeting is a one-step process that restores or changes the colour of any vinyl upholstery, seats and trim, or the “short nap” carpeting found in today’s cars, boats and watercraft. It is ideal for use on stiff or pliable vinyl, simulated leather or plastic. VHT Penetrating Colour Dye is not a paint but a true dye which permanently changes the colour of the substrate. It is extremely resistant to cracking or fading. Careful preparation is essential and all traces of dirt, silicone products, vinyl and rubber protectorants, oils and greases must be removed. Incomplete preparation will not produce a satisfactory result. Warning: It is not suitable for use on cloth or fabrics.

Colours available:
SP941Gloss Jet BlackSP949White SatinSP962Red
SP942Black SatinSP950Dark Blue Satin  
SP943White SatinSP953Light Grey Satin  
SP944Buckskin Tan SatinSP954Charcoal Grey Satin  
SP946Silver SatinSP961Desert Sand  
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