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Black Edge™ Detailer

Take detailing your black or dark car to the edge — Black Edge. Goes on easier, leaves a smoother sleeker finish and provides greater protection from UV rays and the elements than any other product out there. Only Black Edge™ is specially formulated to make black and dark paint stand out and shine. Never scratches, never streaks, and never builds up — and itís 100% safe for clear coats. Its #1 Brazilian Carnauba formula with Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® means you can use it on a dusty car without scratching. Black Edge™ — the fastest way to take your black and dark car's shine and protection to the edge.

SC910 (237 ml)SC920 (710 ml)
Black Edge™ Interior Detailer

When itís time to clean and protect your carís black or dark interior, get the edge — Black Edge™. Black Edgeís no grease, no residue formula is 100% safe and keeps dark interiors looking like new. It cleans, protects and shines every single interior surface including vinyl, leather and plastic — from seats to carpet to dash. Super-easy to apply, super-powerful cleaners. The result: dust, dirt and spots vanish in minutes leaving nothing but a clean scent and natural deep, rich, dark colors behind.

SC923 (710 ml)
Black Edge™ Spray Wax

Your car makes a statement. So you need a wax that makes one too: Black Edge™. The fact is, black and dark paint are different. They demand the opportunity to shine. Which is exactly why you need Black Edge™ Spray Wax. Formulated especially for black and dark paint, Black Edge™ Spray Wax leaves a sleek carnauba-polymer finish for an intense shine. Nothing goes on easier or faster, while powerfully protecting against UV rays and elements. 100% safe on clear coats. Never builds up and always streak-free even in the hottest sun. Make YOUR statement with Black Edge™.

SC925 (710 ml)
Black Edge™ Tire Gloss

Like all Black Edge™ detailing products, this Tire Gloss lives up to its name. No other product anywhere is easier to apply or delivers such a stunning, high gloss, Jet Black shine. Never, ever leaves a greasy, slingy mess or gel to clean up. 100% safe for clear coats while delivering unmatched protection from UV rays and the elements. Black Edge™ Tire Gloss delivers that wet, deep, Jet Black gloss and repels dust and dirt to keep your tires looking like new for weeks.

SC911 (237 ml)SC921 (710 ml)
Black Edge™ Wax

Your car deserves the ultimate edge in lasting shine and protection — Black Edge™. Specially formulated to give your dark and black paint the wettest, deepest, rich-in-and-touch-the-paint gloss. No buildup, no chalky residue, just sleek, clean and clear. Make YOUR statement with Black Edge™.

SC922 (473 ml)
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