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Chrome Polish
Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish

If youíve ever dealt with tarnished chrome, you know itís ugly and hard to polish. Killer Chrome™ makes it easy. Chrome, aluminum, stainless and even brass, this stuff is Enthusiast Grade™ and can do it all. Its non-abrasive chemical formula means you can use it repeatedly to remove surface rust and oxidation with no fear of damage to your chrome or metal, unlike abrasive metal cleaners that can lead to expensive re-plating. It also works twice as fast as other polishes whether you apply it by hand or machine. Safely get rid of tarnish and get a killer mirror finish with Killer Chrome™.

SC492 (237 ml)SC139 (473 ml)
Aluminium Polish
Absolutely Aluminium™ Perfect Polish

Tried everything to shine that stubborn tarnished aluminum? Economy brand polishes may help, but they use harsh abrasives that leave scratches. Not on your ride! Absolutely Aluminum™ is the answer. It works twice as fast as paste polishes and is easier to use, creates a mirror finish, is scratch-free, removes road film and restores tarnished aluminum. Itís safe to use on all metals, but is fine-tuned to be safe on soft aluminum. Get the most reflective shine (with no scratches!) possible from your aluminum. Enthusiasts will ask how you got it so bright. You can tell them after you win the show.

SC494 (237 ml)SC132 (473 ml)
Metal Polish
Diamond Edge® Metal Dressing

Remember how your car looked straight off the assembly line? You probably figured it should look that way forever. Now, with Diamond Edge® Metal Dressing, it can. In fact Diamond Edge single-handedly does the work of what used to take three separate products. The secret? Our revolutionary, three-stage temperature-activated Nanofriction Activation Technology. Stage 1: clean & polish. Stage 2: the rubbing friction activates the sealer, Stage 3: the even higher temperatures activate the Carnauba Wax, making all your metal dazzle. The result is brilliance on the road, not just in the showroom.

SC489 (237 ml)SC140 (710 ml)
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