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Surf City Interior Trim Care

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Interior Trim Care
Voodoo Blend Leathercare Cleaner and Conditioner

When it comes to your car's interior, nothing beats new leather — it's clean, soft and smooth, and it smells amazing. To maintain that original look and feel, you need to be sure to not only remove contaminants and grime, but also condition the leather. Without the proper care and protection, your leather will start to dry up and become an uncomfortable, cracked mess. Voodoo Blend Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is an all-in-one formula that provides your leather with the best treatment possible. It removes all of the dirt and grime from leather first and, just like our Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator, conditions and rejuvenates. So, whether you are trying to maintain new leather or bring your leather back from the dead, Surf City Garage's Voodoo Blend Leather Cleaner and Conditioner will take care of it for you.
SC113 (710 ml)
Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator

Dry, cracked or just plain horrible looking seats? You canít ride around like that! Restore them with Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator. Just like the name says, it puts the life back into your leather. It also keeps new leather supple and smooth. The best beeswax on the planet combined with oil-replenishing lanolin soothes your leather like lotion on dry skin. Rejuvenate and condition old leather or apply it on new leather to add long-lasting waterproofing protection. It even smells like real leather. Works great on vinyl, too. No more dry, ugly leather. Bring it back from the dead and keep it there with Voodoo Blend.
SC491 (237 ml)SC133 (473 ml)SC286 (3.79 litres)
Carpet and Upholstery Care
Hit The Spot™ Stain & Spot Remover

We all bring food, dirt, grease and other junk into our cars, even if we donít notice. All of these end up hitching a ride in your car. Now itís time to kick them out. Hit The Spot™ cleans and removes the toughest stains of grease, food, drinks, dirt, grime and mildew. This Enthusiast Grade™ cleaner and spot remover is 100% color safe on all carpets and upholstery including carpet, vinyl, rubber floor mats, cloth and leather. It even prevents mold and color-fading. Oh, and it doesnít just cover bad odours with chemical smells — it kills them instantly and completely, leaving a great jasmine scent.
SC484 (237 ml)SC108 (710 ml)
Interior Detail Sprays
Black Edge™ Interior Detailer

When itís time to clean and protect your carís black or dark interior, get the edge — Black Edge™. Black Edgeís no grease, no residue formula is 100% safe and keeps dark interiors looking like new. It cleans, protects and shines every single interior surface including vinyl, leather and plastic — from seats to carpet to dash. Super-easy to apply, super-powerful cleaners. The result: Dust, dirt and spots vanish in minutes leaving nothing but a clean scent and natural deep, rich, dark colors behind.
SC923 (710 ml)
Dash Away® Interior Detailer

Got a dirty carpet, dash, seat, floor, door panel … take a breath … console, leather, cloth or vinyl? Not anymore. Clean it all with Dash Away® Interior Detailer. Yes, ALL of it. Dash Away® is 100% safe for cleaning every surface and doesnít leave greasy or oily residue anywhere. It also adds powerful UV ray protection to stop the sun from fading your interior surfaces. Keep this one spray in your detailing kit and get rid of any dirt anywhere, any time. Cleaning your interior has never been easier, so go clean it up with Dash Away®.
SC481 (237 ml)SC103 (710 ml)SC288 (3.79 litres)
Vinyl, Rubber and Trim Dressing
Black Max™ Vinyl, Rubber and Trim Dressing

Got cloudy gray trim, but want the black back? Black Max here to save the day. Vinyl, rubber and plastic will look showroom new in minutes, no matter what color they are. Finally, a dressing thatís a cream so it stays on the car, not dripping to the ground. Black Max contains powerful UV blockers to stop or prevent bleaching and cracking from the sun. The finish isnít greasy or glossy, so you get a perfect factory-new look. You donít have to apply this stuff often because it lasts through dozens of washes and even rain. Keep Black Max™ in your detailing kit for a showroom look that lasts.
SC486 (237 ml)SC127 (473 ml)SC299 (3.79 litres)
Big Block Interior Protectant

Your carís interior deserves just as much protection as its paint and wheels. Harmful UV rays, the sunís heat and even intense cold can ruin your interior, making it dry out, fade and crack. Big Block Interior Protectant puts a stop to that — in no time! Its powerful UV blockers keep your interior looking like new. Specially formulated Enthusiast Grade™ quality works great on leather, vinyl and plastic. Simply spray on and wipe off for a smooth satin finish thatís never greasy or oily.
SC111 (710 ml)
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