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Car Washes
Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer

Bugs, tree sap, tar, road grime and birds don't care about your paint. They'll destroy it right down to the bare metal. But you care. That's why Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer was created. It's a gel that stays where you put it to dissolve, remove and clean any exterior metal surface of your car. Yes, even clear coats! No more using watery bug and tar removers that drip off before they can do any good. This powerful gel is the only bug and tar remover that can handle "Love Bugs," the most paint damaging insects on earth. So love your car, not the bugs, and safely wipe it all away with Road Trip™.

SC482 (237 ml)SC105 (710 ml)SC289 (3.79 litres)
Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax

Did you know the most common way to scratch your car is by washing it? In fact, most paint damage can be traced back to the use of economy car washes. Well, Pacific Blue is the cure for the common scratch. Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax is gentle and safe, but leaves the surface clean enough to eat off of. This super-concentrated (32 washes in 32 ounces!), #1 Carnauba wax formula isolates dirt particles so they canít scratch your paint. Wash and wax without a scratch. You get Carnauba wax protection, it wonít strip your existing wax and it even smells great. Not like strawberries, but like the Pacific.

SC495 (237 ml)SC131 (473 ml)SC151 (946 ml)SC291 (3.79 litres)
Barrier Reef® Wash & Wax

Did you know that washing your car is the first opportunity to scratch it? The fact is that 90% of all damage to your carís paint comes from using economy car wash. Now, with Enthusiast Grade™ Barrier Reef®, you can wash and wax without a scratch. Barrier Reefís maximum suds, maximum protection #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax formula is hand-blended to isolate dirt particles so they canít scratch your paint. It will never strip your existing wax and it always leaves a glass-smooth surface with a just-waxed shine, plus a fresh, clean scent. Not only that, itís the best value on the shelf Ė this single bottle will wash over 50 cars.

SC590 (1.89 litres)
Detailing Sprays
Black Edge™ Detailer

Take detailing your black or dark car to the edge — Black Edge™. Goes on easier, leaves a smoother sleeker finish and provides greater protection from UV rays and the elements than any other product out there. Only Black Edge™ is specially formulated to make black and dark paint stand out and shine. Never scratches, never streaks, and never builds up — and itís 100% safe for clear coats.

Its #1 Brazilian Carnauba formula with Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® means you can use it on a dusty car without scratching. Black Edge™ — the fastest way to take your black and dark car's shine and protection to the edge.

SC910 (237 ml)SC920 (710 ml)
Hot Rod™ Protective Detailer

Looking for a quick detailer that actually works? Not just some spray that looks good for five minutes, then shows streaks and scratches once it dries? May as well be using water if you use those detailers. What you need is Hot Rod™ Protective Detailer, a true Enthusiast Grade™, high-tech, wax-free synthetic detailer. Itíll never scratch your paint or leave those irritating streak marks. Hot Rod™ works to give your car a brilliant shine with a fast gloss formula, unmatched UV protection and extended life to your paint. Less work for you — more show-stopping results for your car.

SC483 (237 ml)SC106 (710 ml)SC283 (3.79 litres)
Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer

Use Speed Demon™ on your dusty car and your jaw will drop. Itís not magic, but using it is the closest youíll get to being a magician. Spray it on the surface, glass and chrome between wax sessions to keep your car looking brilliant. Dusty car? Doesnít matter. Dust particles are suspended so they never touch the surface, ever. It gives your car a brilliant shine, blocks contaminants and UV rays, has no buildup, no streaks and lasts three times longer than other spray detailers (thanks to high levels of #1 Carnauba wax). Take a deep breath, read that again, and go impress your friends with Speed Demon™.

SC478 (237 ml)SC100 (710 ml)SC282 (3.79 litres)
Barrier Reef™ Carnauba Spray Wax

The deepest gloss. The easiest to use. Just two of the reasons that Barrier Reef™ has become the best-selling wax in the Enthusiast Market. But thereís much more. It also provides the longest-lasting paint protection and is hand blended with the worldís best Brazilian Carnauba for that deep, wet, reach-in-and-touch-the-paint-gloss. Try Barrier Reef™ just once and we guarantee youíll never use another wax on your ride.

SC591 (591 ml)SC281 (3.79 litres)
Tyre and Wheel Care
Black Edge™ Tire Gloss

Like all Black Edge™ detailing products, this Tire Gloss lives up to its name. No other product anywhere is easier to apply or delivers such a stunning, high gloss, Jet Black shine. Never, ever leaves a greasy, slingy mess or gel to clean up. 100% safe for clear coats while delivering unmatched protection from UV rays and the elements. Black Edge™ Tire Gloss delivers that wet, deep, Jet Black gloss and repels dust and dirt to keep your tyres looking like new for weeks.

SC911 (237 ml)SC921 (710 ml)
Diamond Edge® Wheel Dressing

Whatís the first thing people notice about a cool looking ride? — itís wheels. The problem is, theyíve never looked better than the day you bought them, and letís face it, keeping your wheels looking sharp is no easy task. You could work all day to bring that ďjust out of the boxĒ gleam back again, but if youíre like us, we prefer to get right behind the only wheel that matters. Thatís why Diamond Edge® Wheel Wax is your single-bottle solution to clean, seal & protect. So why should you use Diamond Edge® instead of regular car wax? Itís all about the temperature. Your wheels get extremely hot under normal driving temperatures and regular wax just wonít stand up against that kind of heat. Diamond Edgeís advanced, resin-based formula not only goes on super quick and easy, but will stand up to the heat of the road and give you long-lasting protection for months. Experience Diamond Edge® Wheel Wax — where the shine meets the road™!

SC475 (237 ml)
Beyond Black® Tire Pro

What goes best with clean shiny wheels? Tyres that look brand new. Nothing else helps your ride look its best more than clean wheels and tires, so use Beyond Black® tyre dressing. Itís got a no sling, no gel formula. No thick, glossy look here. Beyond Black® puts that straight-off-the-showroom-floor shine on your tyres. It even helps extend their life and protect them from UV rays. What could be better? Oh yeah — it lasts for weeks. Get Beyond Black® and get the look of brand new tyres.

SC104 (710 ml)SC499 (237 ml)SC137 (473 ml)SC593 Aerosol (444 ml)SC285 (3.79 litres)
Code Red® Wheel Cleaner

Just to be clear — this is not your dadís wheel cleaner, so get ready to spray on and stand back! If youíve picked up this product, youíre tired of the same old, wimpy wheel cleaner thatís weak, dull & short-lived. Are we right? Then we dare you to call in a Code Red®! Your wheels take a beating from the road and Code Red® Wheel Cleaner is just what youíve been waiting for! Its acid-free formula actively hunts down brake dust and other contaminants, making it the most effective product for cleaner, brighter wheels. Watch as its Advanced Reaction Technology™ moves in on the grime, turning from green to red as itís working. Code Red® — no more mercy, no more brake dust!

SC110 (710 ml)
Sledge Hammer® Engine Degreaser

Grease and grime can be pretty tough, and with a name like Sledge Hammer®, you better be the toughest guy on the shelf. Sledge Hammer® is your one-stop solution to all your heavy-duty car cleaning needs. Powerful degreasing agents and specially formulated detergents make short work of greasy engine bays and undercarriages — and even dirty tyres. Takes down those stubborn, grimy surfaces, leaving them perfectly clean without unpleasant odours or harm to your ride. Drop a sledge on grime with Sledge Hammer® Engine Degreaser.

SC107 (710 ml)
Headlight Restoration
Ultra-Clear® Headlight Restoration Kit

What makes Ultra-Clear® better than other headlight restoration kits? No sanding required. Most other kits require several steps of sanding to remove contaminants. That's a lot of work. Only Ultra-Clear® uses advanced Micron Polishing Technology™ which eliminates the need for sanding and gives you that factory-new look without all the extra effort. And only Ultra-Clear® includes a Lens Protectant that protects new, undamaged lenses and freshly restored ones from future fading. Includes: 118 ml Ultra-Clear® Lens Polish; 237 ml Ultra-Clear® Lens Protectant; 1 Polishing Ball; 1 Microfibre Towel; and 1 roll of masking tape.
SC472 KitSC474 Ultra Clear®
Lens Polish (118 ml)
SC473 Ultra Clear®
Lens Protectant (237 ml)
Convertible Top Cleaner
Top End™ Convertible Top Cleaner and Protectant

Ride with your convertible top down in the dead of winter to hide the stiff and dirty material? Or is it new and needs protection? Make it soft and supple with Top End™, a cleaner, protectant and conditioner all in one single product. 100% safe on vinyl, canvas or fabric, Top End™ cleans stains and mildew, repels dirt and dust, protects against UV rays and extends the life of your top. Works great on vinyl/tonneau bed covers too. Use it regularly to prevent the stiffness that many convertibles are plagued with. Use Top End™ and youíll wish you could keep your top on even in nice weather just to show it off.
SC485 (237 ml)SC109 (710 ml)
Glass Cleaner
Beyond Glass™ Glass and Surface Cleaner

Beyond Glass™ is the top choice of enthusiasts for three crystal clear reasons. #1: Unlike economy glass cleaners, itís ammonia free, so itís totally safe even on tinted windows and weatherstripping. #2: It never, ever streaks — not even in the hottest sun. #3: Itís hands-down the best cleaner on the market for granite counter-tops, chrome, stainless, ceramic tile and virtually every solid surface. Beyond Glass™ — thereís simply nothing else like it.
SC479 (237 ml)SC101 (710 ml)
Vinyl, Rubber and Trim Dressing
Black Max™ Vinyl, Rubber and Trim Dressing

Got cloudy gray trim, but want the black back? Black Max here to save the day. Vinyl, rubber and plastic will look showroom new in minutes, no matter what color they are. Finally, a dressing thatís a cream so it stays on the car, not dripping to the ground. Black Max contains powerful UV blockers to stop or prevent bleaching and cracking from the sun. The finish isnít greasy or glossy, so you get a perfect factory-new look. You donít have to apply this stuff often because it lasts through dozens of washes and even rain. Keep Black Max™ in your detailing kit for a showroom look that lasts.
SC486 (237 ml)SC127 (473 ml)SC299 (3.79 litres)
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