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Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade™ Detailing Kits/Gift Packs
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Surf City Garage Detail Kit

Surf City Garage knows that every enthusiast wants the best looking ride in town. And there's no better way to make your ride look great than the Surf City Garage Detail Kit. This great package features 9 of our Enthusiast Grade™ detailing products and will make your ride shine! It includes: Customized 18.95 litre bucket & lid, Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax (473 ml), Beyond Glass & Surface Cleaner (710 ml), Beyond Black Tire Pro (710 ml), Barrier Reef Wash & Wax (1.89 litres), Dash Away Interior Detailer (710 ml), Beyond Steel Tire & Wheel Cleaner (710 ml), Nano Detail Washing Sponge, Nano Detail Polishing Cloths (3 pack).

The Works — Detailing Essentials

Everything you need to detail your car in one convenient box. No more confusion searching the shelves and reading labels. The Works gives you a full assortment of the best detailing products that money can buy — Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade™. It includes: Pacific Blue Wash and Wax (237 ml), Dash Away Interior Detailer (237 ml), Clearly Better Glass Cleaner (237 ml), Speed Demon Wax Detailer (237 ml).

SC468 1 kit
Black Edge™ Essentials Kit

A deep, brilliant shine. An intense, jet-black tyre gloss. Absolutely nothing makes a statement more than a black or dark car. And nothing makes that car more of a head-turner than Black Edge™ from Surf City Garage. Black Edge™ is the only complete, 100% safe detailing product line thatís Enthusiast Grade™ and formulated especially for black and dark cars. It includes: Black Edge™ Detailer (237 ml), Black Edge™ Wax (473 ml), Black Edge™ Tire Gloss (237 ml).

SC919 1 kit
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