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Getting the Best Shine & Protection
The best regimen to keep the factory gloss on your car is to wax 3–4 times per year with an Enthusiast Grade™ carnauba-like Barrier Reef® Carnauba Wax.

Step 1 Each time before you wax, run your fingers softly over the paint and if it isnít perfectly smooth and you can feel imperfections, use Clayzilla Surface Prep System or Beyond Clay® to eliminate them
  • SC339 Clayzilla Kit
  • SC293 3.79 litres • SC129 473 ml • SC488 237 ml Beyond Clay Paint Polish
Step 2
After using either Clayzilla Surface Prep System or Beyond Clay wash with Barrier Reef® Wash & Wax or Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax
  • SC590 64oz Barrier Reef™ Wash & Wax
  • SC291 3.79 litres • SC151 310 ml • SC131 237 ml • SC495 237 ml Pacific Blue Wash & Wax
Step 3
Use Nano Seal™ Protective Coat, wait 20 mins for it to cure, and youíre ready to apply the Barrier Reef™ Carnauba Wax
  • SC134 473 ml • SC497 237 ml Nano Seal Protective Coat
Step 4
For depth of shine use Barrier Reef™ Carnauba Wax
  • SC296 3.79 litres • SC130 473 ml • SC496 237 ml
Step 5
For an amplified shine use Nano Glaze Gloss Coat
  • SC135 473 ml • SC498 237 ml
Maintaining the Best Shine
Step 1
Every week inspect your car's surface for minor scratches and use Wipe Out™ Scratch Eliminator to remove them. Apply Wipe Out™ by hand because itís designed so you donít even need a buffer or a lot of elbow grease. Unlike other products that just hide scratches, Wipe Out™ really erases them — for good. In fact, Wipe Out™ will do a great job on light swirl marks and early stage oxidation too.
  • SC292 3.79 litres • SC128 473 ml • SC487 237 ml Wipe Out™ Scratch Eliminator
Step 2
Follow with Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer or Hot Rod™ Protective Detailer for maximum protection and gloss
  • SC282 3.79 litres • SC100 710 ml • SC478 237 ml Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer
  • SC283 3.79 litres • SC106 710 ml • SC483 237 ml Hot Rod™ Protective Detailer
Some more details on these products
Spray Detailers — These have cleaning agents to use in between washing and waxing a car (similar to a waterless wash). You would use them when you have a light dust or film on your vehicle and do not want to go through the entire wash process. There is a small concentration of wax included to provide some shine.
Spray Wax — This is a quick wax application, no cleaning agents, just wax. It is to be used only on a clean vehicle after it has been washed or cleaned with a detail spray. A spray wax is an alternative to a liquid or paste wax, they are usually less concentrated than they others, but take half of the time to apply.

Speed Demon vs Hot Rod vs Barrier Reef Spray Wax —
Speed Demon is a detailer that contains a small concentration of Carnauba Wax for deep shine.
Hot Rod is a detailer that contains no wax, but synthetic polymers for long lasting protection.
Barrier Reef™ is just a spray wax with Carnauba Wax as itís main ingredient.

Barrier Reef™ Wash vs Pacific Blue —
Barrier Reef™ is our value wash, less concentrated and offered in a larger retail package.
Pacific Blue is more concentrated and tends to be more popular with the consumers looking for a high end wash.
Both products contain Carnauba Wax.

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